Tips For Replacing The Plywood Roof Decking On Your Home

If you removed the old asphalt shingles from your home's roof and found that some of the plywood roof decking underneath it is damaged, then it is important that you know how to properly replace it with new plywood. Correctly installed plywood underlayment ensures that your new roof will be wonderful looking and completely waterproofed when the new asphalt shingles have been installed. To this end, here are some tips for installing new plywood decking on your home's roof:

Tip: Ensure You Always Have a Level Nailing Surface

When you install the new sheets of plywood sheathing on your home's roof, it is very important that each piece of plywood is completely flat. Accomplishing this requires that you have level areas of wood to nail each sheet down onto. If your home's rafters have bowed or are not level, then you should use small wood shims to ensure the new plywood is flat when attached. 

Tip: Use Edge Clips to Attach Plywood Sheets to Each Other

When attaching the new sheets of plywood to your roof, you need to use edge clips where two or more sheets of wood meet together. The edge clips will hold the plywood in place and keep it from moving around as you nail it into the roof's rafters.  

Tip: Use Only Galvanized Nails or Sheathing Staples to Attach the Roof Decking to Your Home's Rafters

You have two choices for how to attach the sheets of plywood roof sheathing on your home's rafters. You can attach them using galvanized roofing nails, or you can use a sheathing stapler. Sheathing staplers use an air compressor and are the fastest way to attach the new roof decking on your home. Since you likely do not own a sheathing stapler tool, you can rent one at your local construction equipment rental company or large home improvement center. If you choose to use galvanized nails, you can do so using a pneumantic nailer that also can be rented and attaches to your air compressor. 

Tip: Follow Your Local Area's Building Code for the Proper Nail Spacing for Attaching the Decking Plywood to Your Home

Finally, you need to follow your local area's building code to determine the proper nail spacing for attaching the plywood decking to your home's rafters. Some areas require that the nails are at least a foot apart, while other areas require the nails are much closer together.

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