Does Your Roof Have Drafts And Insulation Problems? What To Do

If you have noticed that you don't have a lot of great insulation in the attic and that there are air leaks and drafts, it may be time to upgrade the roof and the material. You'll want to have a roofing consult completed, and you'll want to do some other things before you settle on a material and invest the money to improve the roof. Talk with the roofing professionals about the following options and about what roofing material will be the best for your home.

Energy Audit

If you are having energy problems and you think your bills are too high, you'll want to have an energy audit performed. The audit will see if your appliances work efficiently, where in the house air is coming in or going out, what materials are causing energy problems, and how much you are losing in money every year. This audit can help you find out exactly where you're losing the most money, and if the roof is a problem.

Efficient Material Options  

There may be a few different roofing materials to consider, depending on how much you can spend and what current roof you have. Some great, efficient cool roofing choices are:

  • Metal roofing panels
  • Concrete tiles
  • Slate
  • Vegetation roof
  • Clay tiles

Metal is a very affordable option out of all these materials, and you can count on all of these robust materials to last for decades. The material that is the best and most efficient for your home will be determined by where you live.

New Insulation and Ventilation

If you can see holes and feel drafts, the problem is most likely that you need new insulation, along with a new roof. You should ask if the roofing company can take the time to check the ventilation gables to ensure that the ventilation system is working the right away, and to put spray foam insulation all throughout the attic.

Instead of paying high heating and cooling bills, invest your money into a new roof that is going to lower your utility costs and improve the value of your home. The new roof is also going to help to keep the home safe from water leaks, pest infestations, and other problems. A roofing consultant can help you determine what type of roof to get, what other energy problems you have, and how to insulate the house so air loss is no longer a problem.

For more information and options, talk with a professional roofing company, like Georgia Roof Advisors.

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