Three of Your Questions About Roofing Answered

It is essential for homeowners to be fairly well informed about their roofs. Unfortunately, it is common for new homeowners to be inexperienced and uninformed when it comes to roofing matters. If this is a topic that you have seldom given much attention, you might benefit from having some roofing questions addressed.

What Causes a Roof to Develop a Leak?

Leaks can be among the more common problems that your roofs may encounter. Unfortunately, there can be a number of causes for a leaking roof. One of the more common causes for this leak to develop can be due to the shingles coming out of alignment. When this occurs, water can seep under them, which can cause the wooden part of the roof to rot. Additionally, it is possible for wind-blown debris to puncture your roof, and this can also allow water to seep into the home. The damage from a roof leak will often worsen as time progresses, and it is imperative for you to have the issue professionally addressed as soon as possible to limit this damage.

Is Your Entire Roof Replaced During a Reroofing?

When your roof has suffered particularly severe damage, it will be necessary to reroof the home. Fortunately, it may not always be necessary to completely remove the old roof because the roofing contractor may be able to simply lay the new roof on top of the old one. However, there are limits to when this repair technique can be employed. For example, if there are already several layers of roofing from using this technique, using it again may not be an option due to limits on the amount of weight that can be safely added.

Is There Anything a Homeowner Can Do to Extend the Life of Their Roof?

The costs of installing a new roof can be substantial. Fortunately, there are some steps that can be taken to help minimize the wear and tear your roof sustains. Regularly cleaning the roof can be an often overlooked maintenance task that can dramatically reduce the threat of rot forming. This is due to the fact that cleaning the roof will remove moss, algae, and any other debris that has gathered. In addition to cleaning the roof, you should also make sure to have a waterproof sealant applied to it every few years to extend the life of the shingles or tiles. Lastly, you should thoroughly inspect the roof following any storms that move through your area. This will ensure that if the roof suffered damage during the storm, it will be repaired before it has a chance to worsen.

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