A Few Reasons To Talk With A Roofing Contractor About Having A Green Roof

If it is time to redo the roof on your commercial building, you may want to talk to a roofing contractor about having a green roof. As long as your roof's slope is not too steep, you can have it covered in a growing medium and then planted with sedum and other plants. This will not only add to the life expectancy of the roof but will also have extra benefits to the environment and you. Here are just a few of those benefits.

Environmental Benefits

Having green plants on the roof will absorb and filter the pollutants from the rain water before it evaporates back into the atmosphere or runs off the roof and enters the ground water. This is important because all the asphalt and concrete in cities add pollutants to the water before it ends up in lakes and streams or back in the atmosphere. In addition, as the plants breathe, they clean the air and put more oxygen back into it. Plants also use no fossil fuels or energy to produce, the way roofing tiles do, which makes the roof even "greener." As a special benefit, the plants on the roof can provide homes to native birds and butterflies.

Business Benefits

A roof that has plants covering it will increase the insulation in the building. This will help keep your heating bills lower. In addition, it will keep the place cooler in the summer by providing shade and also due to the evaporation process that is constantly taking place, saving money on your cooling bills. You will also save money because you will not have to replace the roof as soon as you would have with other types of roofing. A green roof absorbs the rainwater during a storm, keeping it from clogging rain gutters and keeping it from flooding around the foundation of the structure. Another benefit is that the planted roof will reduce noise. In addition, doing your part to protect the environment is good for business. People are becoming more environmentally aware so having a green roof is just one way of attracting customers.

Part of your responsibility as a citizen of this planet is to take care of it in any way possible. Having a green roof is one way of doing so. It reduces your carbon footprint, thereby saving the environment. For your business, it will save money while increasing your brand awareness, bringing you more customers. Contact a company like Specialty Commercial Contractors Llc  for more information.

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