What Kind Of Siding Should You Have On Your Home?

If it is time to have new siding installed on your house, you have a number of different choices to make. The first decision that needs to be made is what kind of material you'll select. The material you choose should be a reflection of your own tastes, but it also needs to be able to fit into your budget and withstand the elements. Here are common siding materials you might want to consider. 


For many homeowners, wood remains the traditional favorite. It is natural, looks beautiful and can be painted or stained to look any way you like. There are different types of wood that would be appropriate for your house at various price points.

For all the mystique surrounding wood, it can also present challenges. Wood can sometimes cost more than other types and you need to be vigilant about checking for any sign of mold growth and rotting. Because of those issues, you might find that repairs might need to happen more frequently with wood siding. It is also important to ensure a protective coating is added on top of any staining or painting; every so often, that coating will have to be reapplied so that the house continues to look good.


For anyone who enjoys the appearance of wood but doesn't want to have to worry about the maintenance, vinyl could be a good option. Vinyl is a bit of a chameleon material, as it can be made to look like a number of other materials at a lower price point.

Vinyl can also save you time. It can be put right on top of your existing siding and it is very simple to clean. Gentle liquid soap mixed with water can do the trick, although you may want to pressure wash the house instead.


Aluminum is generally affordable and works best for people who want to get the job quickly. You can have it done with thick panels, which generally cost more, or you can select thinner panels if you want to save some money. The panels are easily mounted on the house instead of needing to be cut some more. Aluminum can also be painted if you like.

Because the siding on your home will last many years, it is a good idea to carefully consider all the materials in this article. Talk it over with your family and your siding installation contractor to feel confident that you make the best choice.

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