How To Identify A Collapsing Roof

A collapsing roof is a problem that can happen at any time of the year. However, it is most likely to happen during the winter when the weight of snowfall places pressure on the roof. Alongside the obvious problem of the damage this causes to the roof, a collapsing roof can be highly dangerous. Therefore, you will need to be aware of the warning signs so you can take emergency steps to correct the problem.

Preventing A Roof Collapse

To prevent a roof from collapsing at any time of the year, it is important to make sure that the roof is in good condition. You may be able to prevent the collapse by removing snow. This is most easily accomplished with a snow rake. These are rakes with long handles that can reach the top of the roof and pull down the snow efficiently.

Look For Signs Of Sagging

Pay attention to sagging sections of either the exterior shingles or the interior ceiling. Buildings should have visible and very clear lines. If there are any utility pipes that are attached to the roof, they might bend.

Check For Severe Leaks

A sagging roof might experience severe leaks, especially during the winter when melting snow causes large amounts of water to seep in through openings created by the sagging roof.

Look At The Structure Of The Building

There might be damage to the structure of the roof. You might notice cracks in the walls, bending support, and cracked or split wood members.

Listen For Strange Sounds

It is common for homes to have creaking sounds, but if the creaking sounds become more frequent and you hear popping sounds, this is more likely a sign that your roof will cave in. You should especially be concerned if you only hear these sounds when there is snow on the roof.

Check The Windows And Doors

Not all of the problems will be visible on the roof. Windows and doors will often not open easily if the sagging roof causes the frame to become distorted. When the doors and windows become almost impossible to open and when the glass breaks, you will need to leave your home as soon as possible. You will need to call emergency services if there is a progressive collapse and you should contact the fire department if the collapse is imminent. But the earlier you act, the less risk your family will be placed under.

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