Concrete Tile Roofing: A Great Choice In Stormy Areas

Do you live in an area where rainfall and high winds are common? If so, you'll need a roof that can stand up to the persistent moisture, and that will stay on your home when heavy winds blow up. Concrete tile roofs offer both of these benefits, making them an excellent choice in stormy areas.

Why are concrete tile roofs such a good choice in storm zones?

When you live in an area where it rains or snows often, your roof will almost always be some degree of "wet." This is an issue with some common roofing materials like asphalt shingles and wood. Wood shakes will rot when exposed to this moisture. Asphalt will break down and need to be replaced quite quickly. Even metal will eventually corrode if you're not super persistent about having it coated – which can be tough to schedule when it's always raining. Concrete tiles, however, do not hold onto water, will not rot, and will not break down when exposed to water over time.

The other primary issue in stormy areas is high winds. These winds can catch under the edge of lightweight metal roofing panels, peeling them off the underlayment. They can also catch under asphalt shingles. Tiles, however, are rather heavy, so they won't be lifted off by high winds.

What other benefits do concrete tiles offer?

In addition to being storm-proof, concrete tiles are also attractive. They come in a huge array of styles. There are even some that are made to look like wood shakes, so you can have the look of wood without its challenges. Concrete tiles have a long lifespan, with many lasting 50 years or more. During this time, tile roofs require little upkeep. If you have a harsh hailstorm, a few of the tiles might crack, but having them replaced is rather simple and affordable.

How much does a tile roof cost?

Tile roofs are bit more costly up front than other roofing types, like asphalt and metal. However, you're likely to save in the long run since you'll be making fewer repairs. For basic tiles, expect to pay about $4.50 - $9 per square foot. For deluxe tiles (such as those that come in custom colors or are extra thick), you can expect to pay between $7 and $10 per square foot.

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