Should You Apply Roof Coating To Your Building?

Roof coating is a protective layer that can be applied to flat-roofed buildings to extend roof life. Commercial building owners typically have roof coatings applied to warehouses, retail stores and other buildings without a traditional sloped and shingled roof. Not all buildings automatically come with this special coating, so your new purchase might be lacking. When considering if you should invest in roof coating, consider the benefits and challenges.

If you decide to get a coating on your roof, it can extend its life considerably. When your building has seen better days, but the roof is still intact, a roof coating seals and protects the roof from the elements. It's waterproof and thick enough to stretch your roof's life for another few years. Roof coating can also protect your roof from UV damage. 

Root coating typically comes in a white color, which can have immense benefits when it comes to energy usage and your bottom line. A relatively small investment in a coating can reduce the amount of heat absorbed into your building, reducing the load on your commercial HVAC system. You'll be able to cool your building with less effort and keep your employees and customers comfortable with less money. Additionally, a properly painted coating can also reduce spot deterioration that can happen when puddles form on the roof. Without roof coating these puddles become heavy and cause leaks and mold. 

If you are an environmentally conscious business owner, you'll be happy to know that roof coating is a green way to extend the life of your roof, reducing the amount of roofing materials that end up in landfills. When you can extend the life of your roof, you'll delay the creation of construction debris for another few years. The roof will have to be replaced less in the building's lifetime when coatings are applied.

It's important to note that roof coatings are not fix-alls for severely damaged roofs. If your roof has multiple leaks that have already ruined a good amount of insulation under the surface, roof coatings only act as a band-aid to prevent further damage. You'll still have to replace the roof eventually. If you notice large pools of water on your flat roof, ask your contractor if they can effectively apply the coating with so much water present. If they can't remove the water properly, they won't be able to put the coating on. 

If your roof already has damage from severe winds or hail, it's time to replace your roof instead of coat it. And if you are considering solar panels, remember that roof coatings must be replaced and updated more frequently than solar panels. These considerations should be taken into account with your contractor before choosing your roof coating.

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