Reducing Fire Risks; Three Choices Of Roofing Materials For A Fire-Resistant Home

In many areas, forest fires can be a real risk to homes. A lot of the danger can be avoided by having a fire-resistant exterior. The traditional materials like wood shakes and asphalt can be a fire risk, which is why you may want to consider some alternatives when you have your roof replaced. Here are some asphalt and cedar shingle alternatives to make your home more fire-resistant:    

1. Metal Roofing Tiles For A Shingle Look

Metal roofing can be a great choice of materials in areas that have high fire risks. The conventional metal roofing choices are panels and seamless roofing. Metal is also available in many other styles if you want a different look for your home. You can get metal shingles that look like real tile and other roofing systems. The benefit of metal is that it is one of the highest fire rated materials to use on your home.  Metal is also one of the most durable roofing materials, but it may also cost a little more than some of the other materials available.

2. Using Wood Shakes With A Fire Retardant Treatment

One material that you would probably least expect to be fire-resistant is real wood shakes. In fact, there are wood shakes that are treated with a fire retardant and can be could to help protect your home from fire. These materials do not have the same fire rating as metal materials, but they can give you an authentic wood shake roof with the addition of fire protection if you live in an area that has a risk of wildfires.

3. Fire-Resistant Synthetic Roofing Materials 

Another option for a fire-resistant roof is synthetic materials. These are usually composites that are made to look like slate and shake roofing materials. The composites also have a fire retardant in them to help make them more resistant to fire. Synthetic roofing can be a good choice for a more durable roof that needs less maintenance. They can also be great for areas that get a lot of rain that can damage materials like treated wood shakes. In addition, these materials can also be good to replace asphalt shingles with slate-like roofing materials.

With some of these shingle alternatives, you can be sure that your home will be safer during the fire season. If you are ready to replace your old shingles, contact a roofing contractor (such as one from Empire Roofing) and talk with them about using some of these alternatives for your home.

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