Tips to Make Fall Rain Gutter Cleaning Easy

The fall season has arrived once again this year. While all of the leaves changing colors is a beautiful display to watch, many of those pretty leaves will undoubtedly land in your home's rain gutter system and cause problems later in the winter. Cleaning out your rain gutters is essential to ensure that the system will work well when the inevitable winter storms arrive. Improper rain gutter function will lead to exterior paint and foundation damage, so staying on top of this maintenance project is very important.

Timing is Everything

The timing of your rain gutter cleaning effort is very important. If you clean too early in the season, then more gunk will likely build-up in the gutters. But, if you clean the rain gutters too late in the season, then you risk having to work in excessively cold weather and will have to contend with ice.

The best way to schedule your gutter cleaning project time is to watch the trees in your neighborhood and the local weather forecast. As soon as the majority of the leaves have fallen off of the trees in your area, then find a warm day on the weather forecast and schedule a couple of hours to clean out the gutter system on that day. Don't put off this job, or it will become exponentially worse in the colder weather.

Use the Right Tools for the Job

While cleaning out your rain gutters isn't exactly a fun or yummy smelling project, there are some basic tools that you can use to make the job infinitely easier and less messy, such as:

  • a bucket
  • a large plastic spoon or soup ladle
  • a garden hose with a sprayer attachment

Using an inexpensive bucket and spoon will make it easy to scoop out the decomposing organic mess in the gutter troughs. You should dump the bucket on your compost pile and utilize the nutrients in your garden next spring. Decaying organic matter is high in nitrogen and a great addition to garden soils.

A sprayer attachment on your garden hose will make spraying down the gutters easier and you will be able to turn off the water when you are not using. While you may be tempted to get out your pressure washer to complete the job faster, this is not advised because the high-pressure water can damage your rain gutter system and the edge of your roof.

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