Metal Roofing Repair Issues For The DIY Homeowner

If you have a metal roof, then you know that these roofs have several advantages over asphalt roofs, including a longer life span. Like all roofs, however, they are vulnerable to developing problems, such as leaks, over time. If the problem is not severe, you might be able to fix it yourself and save some money.


Some homeowners may have concerns about going onto their roof because they are afraid that walking on the roof could cause damage. This is not likely as long as you walk carefully and make certain that you walk only where the roof has a solid underlayment, such as plywood sheathing or a rafter, to support you. One key point to remember is that you should never walk on a wet roof. Use a safety harness and wear rubber-soled shoes when you work on the roof as well. 


Perhaps the easiest problem to solve is dealing with loose nails. Lift up the nail with the claw end of a hammer. To make certain that you do not accidentally cause a dent in the metal roofing, put a board underneath the hammer's head. Next, place some sealant into the nail hole. Finally, hammer a new nail of the same type as the on you removed into place. 


For small areas of rust that develop on your roof, use a cloth and gentle cleaning agent to remove as much of the rust as you can. Sand the area to remove the rest of the rust. Then cover the spot with a metal primer and apply a coat of paint. 


Like all roofs, metal roofs can develop leaks. One of the most common causes of leaks is a hole in the metal. To repair the hole, begin by cleaning the area around the hole with a liquid cleanser and a wire brush. Then cut a metal patch from a piece of sheet metal. Make certain that the patch extends two inches beyond the hole on all sides. Fasten the patch to the damaged area with a liberal amount of sealant. Use sheet metal screws to secure the patch to the roof. Finish the job by painting the patch to match the surrounding metal. 

Fixing minor metal roof damage is not a job for everyone. To have a professional take care of these problems or to learn more information, contact a local metal roofing contractor.

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